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At the head office in Nijmegen, which accommodates the planning, customer service, QA, administration and management, we have CCTV which allows us to see and monitor our other buildings too.

All the buildings have a burglar alarm on the windows and doors, a number of sensors to detect movements within the building and CCTV surveillance of the building and workplaces. In the case of a burglary, an alarm is sent to the emergency room of the security company, which has someone on site within 5 minutes and informs the executive board.

All employees at Ciso have personal badges and there is entry registration.

Most of the vehicles are equipped with an automatic locking system and the majority have an emergency brake.

If a temperature excursion takes place in a refrigeration area and/or vehicle, the driver and planners receive an alarm by e-mail and telephone. If necessary, proactive action can be taken.

All the drivers have a smartphone to facilitate the communication, sending of photos and documents.

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