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Track and Tracing

Ciso has two ways to track your shipments.

In both cases, orders can be automatically entered in the systems. With the Ciso app, it is also possible to send your orders in a file, so that Ciso can upload the orders.

From the moment when the goods are collected, each step is registered by scanning. By connecting the refrigeration areas (vehicles and storage) to the temperature recorders, the temperature is immediately visible.

The planners at Ciso can see all the vehicles on their screens via the Spotmaster and Carrier systems and can read the temperature per vehicle.

As a client, you can access our website. After logging in, you can check the temperature of your own shipments. You can view the status of the shipments live and see when they are delivered. You may receive the delivery confirmation immediately afterwards at your address with the signature of the recipient, if necessary with a photo.

We can also issue a Spotmaster account to track a specific shipment in real time.

In the Toks system, which is used by all the partners in the Eurotemp network, you can access all the relevant data. This advanced track&trace system is mainly used for bigger shipments.

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